Our consultations are suitable for all levels.

Please choose which one suits you best and if you’re not sure then just drop us a message via our chat box or email


1-1 Consultation

Best suited to those who have already started their investment journey and are looking for specific guidance and/or ongoing coaching.
This consultation is predominantly tailor made to your specific needs although we do cover the below:

  • In-depth portfolio guidance
  • Portfolio health check
  • Investment strategy
  • How to spot a good opportunity
  • Bespoke Buying/Selling Plan
  • Pre formatted template to track your investments
  • Asset analysis
  • Wallets/Storage
  • Q&A

Price £275

New Starter Guidance

The new starter guidance is meant for those who are completely new to cryptocurrency and are looking for a full A-Z of the basics to get started.

  • Basic portfolio guidance
  • How to build your portfolio
  • Dip buying strategy
  • Profit taking strategy
  • Key info sources
  • Guidance on main exchanges
  • Decentralised exchange overview
  • How to analyse an asset
  • How to buy/sell
  • Security/Storage guidance
  • Q&A

Price £150

Please note after your call you will have two weeks of direct access to the expert you spoke with for any further questions.

Please note we also offer block bookings of our consultations for those of you who would like ongoing guidance such as hands off portfolio guidance.

The above service can be complemented with our newsletter and/or our members group.

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